Friday, October 17, 2014

benefits of rooibos tea and lemon juice

benefits of rooibos tea and lemon juice However, if your skin feels sore and itchy prolonged, discontinue use immediately and wash your face thoroughly. That sign does not match your skin.

** wearing a smear of lemon on your face at night, let sit overnight (bring sleeping in) when you wake up in the morning you will feel the face looks fresh and bright skin though just woken up! This way I have tried and proven Looh, face far more bright and dark spots disappear!
** if it turns out you fit in this way, still do not use this method every day. Wear 2 days or 3 days on a regular basis to get the maximum efficacy.

Benefits of Lemons to clean between Nails
   Do not have time at the salon manicure or pedicure subscription? Lemon can be used as an alternative to nail care. Soak nails in lemon juice that has added a little vinegar and warm water about 10 minutes. Then, rub gently with a small brush nail

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