Sunday, September 6, 2015

colored contact lenses at convenyent stores

colored contact lenses at convenyent stores Be sure to always keep your contact lenses at home or while traveling lens. Contact lens hygiene not only makes it durable and long lasting and safe as well of course, but also safe for the health of your eyes.

2. Water To Store Contact Lenses

Cleanliness and health of the water that is used to store contact lenses really need attention as well. Make sure you use clean water and in accordance with the prescription in the field of experts. Avoid using tap water and water water tap trigger dangerous bacteria growth on the contact lens so that it can cause irritation and sore eyes.

3. Prescription

Although contact lenses can be purchased at the salon glasses, stores and other places at an affordable price or cheaper. Make sure that you buy contact lenses on the color of the original eye doctor. Prescription allegedly healthier and better even though the price offered is quite expensive.

4. Remove Contact Lenses When Sleeping

Be sure to remove contact lenses while you sleep day or night. Besides guaranteeing your health as well, removing color contact lenses while sleeping can minimize the risk of danger of contact lens itself. Removing contact lenses during sleep may help the eye to get enough oxygen.

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